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Jason A. McCoy, CPA

Printer friendly 20,214,918 articles and books periodicals literature keyword title author topic member login user name    password     remember me join us forgot password? The free library > general interest/informational >  general interest >  saturday evening post >  january 1, 2007 the free library >  date >  2007 >  january >  1 >  saturday evening post good news for "wet" macular degeneration. Dear dr. Servaas, i have good news to share about a subject dear to my heart--macular degeneration, wet type. buy viagra buy cheap viagra buy viagra online in usa viagra for sale buy generic viagra cheap generic viagra viagra for sale generic viagra online In march 2006, my eyes seemed to tire easily while reading. Blinking repeatedly, i looked across the room and discovered a dark image covering a large part of my field of vision. My optometrist optometrist /opâ·tomâ·eâ·trist/ (op-tomâ´e-trist) a specialist in optometry. Optometrist a medical professional who examines and tests the eyes for disease and treats visual disorders by prescribing corrective  suspected early macular degeneration macular degeneration, eye disorder causing loss of central vision. The affected area, the macula, lies at the back of the retina and is the part that produces the sharpest vision. , and a retinal specialist confirmed the diagnosis the next day. After he explained that the drug avastin was being used to treat this condition with varying degrees of success, i agreed to receive the injection. At a return visit in may, the specialist said that the drug seemed to have stopped the progression of the dark spot in its tracks. I received a second injection in june, and in late july the spot was essentially gone. With blinking, a very small white spot is visible. My letter is for the sole purpose of emphasizing the need for early detection and treatment of macular degeneration. Prior to this discovery, several of my friends lost their sight because of the disease. William eller littleton, colorado many ophthalmologists report that avastm (bevacizumab) helps slow the growth of abnormal blood vessels in eyes, preserving and even improving vision in people with wet macular degeneration. Avastin is approved for treating colorectal cancer colorectal cancer malignant tumour of the large intestine (colon) or rectum. Risk factors include age (after age 50), family history of colorectal cancer, chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, benign polyps, physical inactivity, and a diet high in fat. , and safety data on using it for macular degeneration are unavailable. Recent research shows that lucentis (ranibizumab), a drug derived from avastin, is safe and effective for long-term intraocular intraocular /inâ·traâ·ocâ·uâ·lar/ (-okâ´u-lar) within the eye. Inâ·traâ·ocâ·uâ·lar adj. Within the eyeball. Intraocular literally, within the eye.  use. Cleared by the fda in late 2006, clinical testing of lucentis shows that 95 pe. Professional Limited Liability Company

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