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Jason A. McCoy, CPA

Pages home about me contact me mary kay blogs i read mumpreneurs thursday, june 28, 2012 being pregnant.... With essential thrombocythemia its our 4th pregnancy and 2nd child... We lost 2 at 6 weeks, with was real early and come to think about it sometimes having heavy period at 40th day could be a false pregnancy. I had it a few times, so maybe  there are more pregnancies that we didn't know coz i didn't count until i got married. Yea, when we lost it the 1st time, it was pretty disheartening but it was actually expected as i got essential thrombocythemia.. What u must be asking hahahah!!! Actually we found out after we had v and it was my 2 yearly body checkup that spotted it. My doctor raised the alarm as it hit 700,000 blood platelet, normal person like you all will be about 400,000 count. She tracked my old records and found a pattern  with found it to be this et. I don't die from this la, its just a post pregnancy hormonal change for some women. After visits to the hematologist, she did advise us to have a child asap before it reaches 1. 5 million, that is when i may have to medicate to control it as to prevent blood clots. We did research and really there was nothing we could do about it... Yes i thought i was going to die sometimes but hahaha... Having a child then wasn't really an option as we wanted to see the trend of the blood platelet. Monitored it for about 1 year or so, and realised it wasn't going anywhere high, the it struck us that by taking time out ain't going to help us much by waiting. We started trying last year when v was about 2. 5 years.... Yes between that time we lost 2.  the 1st was hurting to both of us, so we took awhile before we tried again. After visits to experts it was really nothing we could do, noting that 60% of the miscarriage happens in the 1st trimester and the underlying reasons are unknown and it may not even be et. buying generic viagra online viagra for sale viagra without a doctor prescription viagra without a doctor prescription viagra for sale buy generic viagra buy cheap viagra We took aspirin when we tried for the next one, had specialists looking after me etc... But it still didn't work out. I do remember a time i did scream at trev, but you all know my husband, the most supportive husband any wife can get... Just stood by me. That was our 2nd lost, but i rested a few days, prayed and told him we can try again. He too at this time grieved pretty fast and we had a successful one. Professional Limited Liability Company

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